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How can Hydrogen Peroxide be used to clean your home?

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

You know this familiar brown bottle from the shelves at your local pharmacies and stores in the first aid areas, but did you know it can be used for cleaning your home?


How can Hydrogen Peroxide be used to clean your home?

The fun fact about hydrogen peroxide is that it is not only used as an antiseptic for skin infections, minor cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spores. It can be used to clean, neutralize, and sterilize your home.


Can hydrogen peroxide be used in the kitchen and bathroom?

Yes. You can use it in your dishwasher as a cleaner with baking soda and run the dishwasher empty to disinfect and shine it. Again, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda work together to scrub your sink and make it shine bright. Garbage cans are full of bacteria and viruses. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to clean your can and rid it of bacteria and viruses. It will not only whiten and clean your bathroom, but when mixed with baking soda, it can also be used as a toothpaste to brighten your smile!


How can hydrogen peroxide be used to clean my food?

Hydrogen peroxide will clean your fruits and veggies and help them last longer. Simply dilute ¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide per one gallon of water. The mixture can be used to remove a variety of bacteria from fruits and vegetables. If you have sensitive veggies like lettuce, soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with water and drying. Cleaner and fresher for longer!


Can hydrogen peroxide be used on clothes?

Definitely! Hydrogen peroxide is an ally in the never-ending battle against your laundry. It helps remove stains, brigthen whites, and prevents fungal infections and mold.


Can hydrogen peroxide affect my pets?

Absolutely not! It is great at removing bacteria from litter boxes, cleaning pet urine and feces, and washing your pet’s clothes and bedding. The FDA says that it is a safe and trustable product for use in your home. Safe and effective. What more can you ask for?


How The Lady Maids use hydrogen peroxide?

We use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize our cleaning bottles and cleaning supply transport bags. It helps prevent bacteria from growing on our supplies. We love to use it because it works, it is safe for us to handle and it is eco-friendly, offering our customers a bacteria and virus free environment.

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