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Better Business Bureau-Best of BBB Awards

Did you know that the BBB has been around since 1912? The bureau was set-up to regulate, protect and create standards of quality in industry. Its mission is to improve the relationships between costumers-consumers-clients and businesses-products-services.

The standards set by the BBB regulate how companies can work, how they provide answers and how they solve problems. These standards lead to better products, better services, and a better industry.

The Lady Maids, LLC became an accredited business by the BBB on 11/30/2021 and within just a few months we are proud to announce that the Best of BBB Awards has recognized us an exceptional business that operates with integrity and helps our community.

For us, this recognition is more than an acknowledgement of all our efforts, dedication, and hard work. The Lady Maids started with the mission of, “Care in every detail”. We are thankful and honored that we are being recognized for living our mission and implementing care in every standard we set for our business over these last several months.

We strive to continue living up to these standards and we believe we can because in addition to cleaning our customers’ homes we also feel like we are part of their families.

We want to thank the BBB for the chance to compete for the Best of BBB Awards and for helping small business like ours navigate all the uncertainties of the market. We would also like to thank our customers for always supporting us and our team.

We appreciate that our customers understand that “care” is the key word in any relationship. Our customers and the support we receive drive us to improve the service we provide every day. We are grateful for your continued trust and support!

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