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Airbnb Consultation

1 – Free Estimate in person of the space and location for Airbnb.

We will study the region where the property is located to simulate the chances of renting and keeping the property occupied for as long as possible, based on area, access to leisure, business, tourism, hospitals and possible options that will keep the property rented and with this we will also be able to determine if it works to rent the entire property and/or separate by rooms.


2 – List of Supplies.

We will send a list of supplies that the property needs to be assembled or improved according to the client’s needs.


3 – Shopping (customer buys it and delivers it to us or to the unit; it is optional)

From this list, the client can buy and send it to the property or to our office.


4 – Decoration and cleaning.

After purchasing the supplies, we will go to the property to make the decoration, which can be simple, basic, or thematic (up to the customer to decide).

The first cleaning service will be a deep cleaning made with the decoration.


5 – Organizing & inventory

After each item is in place, we will take an inventory of everything we have in use and everything stocked for replacements on turn-overs.


6 – Ready to rent

After all these steps, your property is ready to be rented, and you should be prepared to get the best and as many positive reviews as possible.


7 – Let us help

As a host, you do all the administrative work such as setting up the agenda, scheduling, and financials. We will take care of the cleaning, laundry, organizing, and supplying services to make sure your property is always ready to be booked.

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